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Advantages of Using Windows

Windows have dominated the world PC market since their invention over thirty years ago, leading most people to abandon the use of Linux Administration system. If you are looking for an operating system capable of performing System Administration or Web Hosting, you should look no further than windows. The popularity of windows since their invention about thirty five years ago has grown because of all the right reasons and amazing advantages which include performing Web Hosting services. The following are some of the advantages associated with using windows apart from Windows Administration.

You should consider switching to windows because of the ease of use; almost any first -time can use any version of windows comfortably and it is easier to use for someone switching from one version to another because they all have one or two things in common. Whether you are looking for a software to upgrade your System security or administrative tasks, chances are it will be available in one of the Window versions available in the market too as a result of the company’s market dominance.

Desktops have been the dominant devices for several years but touch screens devices have started hitting the market too, but regardless of the device you own, there is no need to worry because you will find a version that works perfectly with your device. If you need something more up to date because you are using an older version, you don’t have to worry about losing important programs like System Security because of the backward compatibility feature of Windows.

Windows have a plug and play feature that detects most hardware you will be installing in the computer; webcam, mobile devices or a mouse will be automatically recognized without you going through the trouble of manually installing them. If you buy a new piece of computer hardware today, you will find that it will probably work with the latest version of Windows thanks to its support for new hardware feature.

Some of the most popular and even your favorite PC games are available for Windows which is why you need it. You should switch to the use of Windows because it is the only one compatible with certain websites that you may need; it is only choice for accessing some websites that are rather inaccessible with other browsers. These are some of the benefits of using Windows.